Introducing audio ads for mobile games 🔊

The trusted audio ad format reinvented. AudioMob connects brands with vast new audiences.

2.7 billion players

A third of the planet plays games. Extend your reach; target precisely

7 hours of focus

Gamers are highly engaged, investing seven hours a week playing on average

Mobile is the new primary screen

The average person spends more time on mobile per day than on TV or desktop

Seamless integration - no interuptions

Engage mobile players without intruding on their experience. Serve ads that are part of the main event. By default, audio-ads run as the user continues to play their game. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Flexible, reliable, impactful

We created the world’s first in-game audio advertising format. AudioMob is brand safe, flexible, and proven to elevate CTRs while minimising bounce. Run a visual button alongside your audio ad. Scale data to reach new and existing audiences. Monitor performance metrics to optimise campaigns. Precisely target specific demographics, regions and more.

A powerful proprietary DSP

Our Demand Side Platform (DSP) is as simple to use as it is impactful. Set up your audio ad campaigns within the DSP, and we will serve your ads into mobile games using existing SDKs via Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID).

Start advertising today

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