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Hey, we’re Audiomob!
We’re building the number-one audio discovery platform.

We're driven by a goal to help advertisers better reach their consumers and help game developers better monetize their games. We do this by allowing users to programmatically insert audio ads into mobile games.

Audiomob leadership
Audiomob leadership
Audiomob leadership

We started
the audio ad

Growing tired of seeing intrusive, interstitial-style ads inside mobile games, Google and Facebook alumni Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng founded Audiomob in 2020 with a core principle: that there is a better way to advertise in games.

Turning up the
volume past 11.

As gaming audiences have expanded, audio has helped artists reach more people. In today’s world, gaming is the fastest growing area of entertainment and audio is also having a resurgence amongst consumers globally.

3 billion

est. mobile gamers


$166 billion

spent on mobile gaming,

(State of Mobile 2022 Report)

93 %

brands likely to use digital audio
in their marketing strategy.



brands linked to audio are
more likely to be remembered
and searched for.


The best
believe in us.

We proudly received support from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, which has helped foster our growth, strengthen our key leadership, and meet critical benchmarks throughout our startup journey.

Our backing from Google for Startups has also allowed us to set up our Engineering teams and Moonshot lab in Abu Dhabi, double our team throughout the course of 2022, and increase our presence within the gaming and audio ecosystems.

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Achievements unlocked.

Within the last year, Audiomob has been the recipient of a growing list of prestigious awards.

Startup of the year 2022

The Great British Entrepreneur Award

Under 30 Awards

Hurun UK

Startup of the year 2022: LDN

The Startup of the Year 2022

Covered by the best.

Shaping the culture.

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