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We are made up of forward-thinking, creative, and passionate humans who are committed to shaping the future of adtech and gaming.

Gamers. Streamers.

Artists. Coders.

Our teams come from all corners of the world. We welcome challenges, get excited by change,and embrace ideas from all members of our team.

We’re aligned and draw inspiration from what we are building together. We work as one.


At Audiomob, you’ll be given the right tools to ensure you are happy, healthy, and set up for success in your role.

Like to listen to music whille you work? Add your favourite tracks to our playlist.

  • Birthdays off
  • Daily lunch allowance
  • Gym subsidy
  • Relocation packages
  • Private healthcare
  • Mental healthcare services
  • Financial planning
  • Flexible working
  • Volunteer days
  • Development allowance
  • Pension contributions

We’re going

The Audiomob team covers the globe — Sales in the heart of central London, UK and our Engineering teams in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
London, UK

Learn how Troy, Staff Engineer used our relocation package.

Christian and Wilfrid


As a company with black founders (which only accounts for 1% of venture-funded startups), it’s easy to internalize our negative experiences in a way that inhibits us from success.

We want to help you use your experiences and channel them into more positive and productive uses to help you reach your goals. Space is limited, but if you think you could benefit from this experience, register your interest!

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