Terms & Conditions

AudioMob LTD terms and conditions depicts the agreement you have with AudioMob LTD for using its technology ( VAST, MRAID or SFD). By integrating AudioMob LTD technology, you agree to lawfully bind and to be bound to the terms and conditions. You are suggested to not integrate AudioMob LTD, either for the purpose of using AudioMob LTD services or any other use, if you don’t agree to the terms and conditions.

Description of AudioMob LTD Services:

AudioMob LTD allows you to connect to the inventory of various DSPs, exchanges, agencies and buyers interested in buying audio ad placements within mobile gaming applications. This is achieved through providing technology ( VAST, MRAID, SDK) to enable the display of audio centric ad units within mobile games across iOS and Android.

The. Advertiser must pay a specified liable amount to buy the Ads Inventory. For publishers, AudioMob LTD monetises their applications by serving them with ads through selling on the open exchange / via direct deals.

Obligations to use our Services:

Subject to the publisher and targeted inventory, the publisher should without any inconvenience, provide the following with every ad request:

Marketplace Revenue Share & Payments:

AudioMob LTD will remit a percentage of the earnings received from the sale of Your Inventory to Demand Advertisers, in US Dollars. Earnings means sale actually collected by AudioMob LTD from Demand Advertisers in connection with any Demand Ads served to the Publisher Network, less any media buying fees or bid reductions, operating fees, fraud, charge backs, refunds, uncollected amounts, credit card processing fees and other reasonable deductions. AudioMob LTD will remit to You the earnings within 60 days after the last day of the calendar month in which AudioMob LTD received the applicable earnings, provided that no remittances will be made for any amount less than $500 (USD) and any unpaid earnings will rollover and accrue to the next remittance period. This does not apply to the adjusted net terms and payments agreed during integration and revenue test periods. Taxes means any and all withholding, sales, use, value added or other taxes, duties or charges that are imposed by any jurisdiction on the transactions described in this agreement, other than taxes based on AudioMob LTD’ net income. You are responsible for all taxes (if any) associated with the Services.

Service Implementation:

You are required to promptly integrate with the Service and remain updated as soon as commercially available, the then-current version of any required Service software, including but not limited to, the, VAST, MARID, SDK and Protocols of AudioMob LTD.

Privacy Policy:

With subject to Terms and Conditions, AudioMob LTD is substantially concerned regarding its privacy policy. It is suggested to visit our Privacy Policy section for complete details.

Prohibited Actions:

You won’t, and won’t permit any outsider to:

Compliance with GDPR Standards:

If you have any additional questions about GDPR, please contact your AudioMob LTD Point of contact.

Terms Specific to Ad Serving Service and Ads Personalization:

As a publisher, You shall not include any malware or malicious core that my circumvent security measure of AudioMob LTD or can identify the End Person’s personal information. You must not disclose any User Volunteered Data without informed consent, as well as disclose the use, purpose, sharing and transfer of the collected data to the end user.


AudioMob LTD has the right, in its sole discretion, with or without notice, to suspend delivery of audio ads to any site or app from Your Account, Your Account or Your access to the AudioMob LTD third party UI or any Service. AudioMob LTD reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any Service or AudioMob LTD Code, or any features or portions thereof, without prior notice. You agree that AudioMob LTD will not be liable for damages of any sort that result from any such suspension, modification, or discontinuance of Your Account.


You acknowledge that some features of the Services may be experimental in nature. AudioMob LTD does not represent or warrant that the Services are reliable, accurate, complete, or otherwise free from defects. Accordingly, the Services are made available for use “AS IS,” and any use thereof will be undertaken solely at Your own risk. AudioMob LTD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to include or cease providing the Services at any time (subject to notice as may be required herein), and AudioMob LTD does not give or enter into any conditions, warranties or other terms with regard to the Services.

Limitation of Liability:


You or any Third Party hereunder for any punitive, incidental, indirect, special, reliance or consequential damages, including lost business, revenue, or anticipated profits, Whether based on breach of contract or negligence.