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AudioMob LTD recognises the importance of Privacy for its valued clients. This privacy policy will be redeemed for all the products, applications, services, websites, and joint ventures.

The term “You” is referred to our valued clients, who use AudioMob LTD in any reasonable manner, Publishers or Advertisers, AudioMob LTD Website Visitors and end users of apps, and “We/Our” is referred to AudioMob LTD as an entity.

Elaborated in this notice is the consent to willingly express the access to relevant information. This notice contains the privacy policy with subject to AudioMob LTD Ad Network. Your use of AudioMob LTD and all the personal information that you provide will be accessed through the framework of this privacy policy at all times. To keep things unhidden from our clients, this notice describes the policy which enables AudioMob LTD to use and collect information on particular ground rules.

GDPR Compliance and Applicability:

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Data we collect:

How We Process:

Disclosure of Information:

We are obligated to confidentiality of information with subject to this privacy policy, at all times.

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AudioMob LTD has implemented all the necessary security measures in order to protect both personal and non-personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. AudioMob LTD is also very careful about user sensitive information and data from vulnerabilities attacks and keep secure as well.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

To continue using AudioMob LTD, its users are bound to the revised Privacy Policy. AudioMob LTD may update the privacy policy from time to time and as required.

The latest version of Privacy policy is updated in accordance with GDPR compliance. According to this, the latest Privacy Policy is transparent, precise, clear and simplified for its users. AudioMob LTD will send a prior notification to all its users before making any changes in Privacy Policy in future.

The changes in Privacy Policies are subject to legal regulation and updated laws that control user data protection and privacy.