Integrating the AudioMob technology into your game is fast, simple and flexible. We currently offer complete integration with the Unity game engine, via our own plugin. In future we will also allow you to integrate via existing SDKs using MRAID.

What is the AudioMob Unity Plugin?

Allows a Unity game developer to integrate audio ads into their game within 5 minutes.

The AudioMob Unity Plugin provides complete control over how and when audio ads appear in your games, letting you set the conditions that trigger rewarded ads. This enables you to integrate ads into the gameplay in ways that compliment your game, rather than detract from it.

What is MRAID?

MRAID or Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions, is the common API for rich media ads that run in mobile apps.

Providing a standardised set of commands, MRAID empowers developers to create rich media ads while controlling how those ads interact with the apps into which they are served. MRAID allows you to place our audio ads into your game using existing monetisation SDKs.

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