Our mission is to bring audio ads to game developers worldwide, helping them open a new stream of incremental revenue. In an industry that constantly shifts and evolves, like in the case of Unity introducing new game developer fees, we work to build strong foundations with game developers and advertisers to support and advise them.

To do this, we built our Game Partnerships team to manage relations with our partners and represent the Audiomob brand at events and conferences. To get to know the team, who they are, and what they do, we sat down with Sahil Modi, our Game Partnerships team manager.

Get to know Sahil Modi

Before joining Audiomob Sahil developed a strong set of engineering and data analysis skills, which he used to publish his first mobile game. Using his skillset he moved into the adtech industry working in ad fraud detection in 2017 and in 2019 led product operations as part of the monetization team at Indus OS (acquired by Phonepe), in Mumbai 

In 2022 Sahil joined Audiomob, moving to our headquarters in Abu Dhabi as the first member of our Games Partnership team, “Audiomob was already a familiar brand to me by then, I had been following their journey for a few months already. Audio advertising is a growing market so I saw endless opportunities to push boundaries and innovate within an industry that I’m very passionate about”, Sahil stated.

When we asked Sahil what his primary objective is within Game Partnerships he stated “My goal is to build lasting connections that build the Audiomob brand up and also to make sure that we always have a voice in the wider adtech community. Working in game partnerships allows me to be that voice in the community on behalf of Audiomob”.

Working in Game Partnerships

Game Partnerships are integral to onboarding new partners by pitching and providing continued support. It’s a multifaceted role that requires a knack for networking, pitching/salesmanship, and spokesmanship. It's a role that is heavily intertwined with most teams across the business including Developer Relations, Ad Operations, and Sales.

We asked Sahil to share his perspective on how he views his role within Game Partnerships, “Our primary goal in game partnerships is to evangelize audio ads and their benefits as a non-intrusive incremental revenue stream. A large amount of this is done at events, which is why it's so important that we maintain a presence in the industry. I myself like the fact that my role allows me to wear so many different hats, and lets me use my data analyst skills to growth hack and test new approaches to ultimately give more output in a shorter time”

In essence, Game partnerships are the ultimate resource within our business, able to champion our mission of building a better ad ecosystem for game developers, advertisers, and gamers alike.

Game Partnerships in action

Earlier this year we partnered with Mad Hook to bring audio ad solutions to their mobile game, Highway Drifter. By integrating our technology Mad Hook saw a massive revenue uplift of 14% and received positive feedback from their player base. Building this strong relationship with Mad Hook and onboarding them onto our technology first starts with Games Partnerships as Sahil went on to explain:

“I first got in touch with Hazim (Hazim Al-Hanbali, CEO of Mad Hook) at the ‘Pocket Gamer’ connects’ event in Jordan, in 2022. From here Audiomopb and Mad Hook communicated regularly, leading to me and our CTO Wilfrid Obeng flying over to Jordan to discuss opportunities with Mad Hook and to better understand their business needs and goals. This then led to us working together on their mobile games”.

Sahil went on to say, “Building partnerships like that is really rewarding in itself. Working with Mad Hook, I’ve since sat on panels with Hazim promoting audio ads and how they can enhance the gaming experience. It's very promising to see our business partners fully embracing audio ads”.

Mad Hook is just one example of how Sahil and our Game Partnerships team promote positive growth in the business and across the industry. As a company that works with both advertisers and developers, it's important that we’re able to showcase our success stories to the wider community to truly demonstrate the value of audio ads.

What’s next?

Our Game Partnerships team is always on hand to support developers and advertisers interested in monetizing solutions. To learn more about how our non-intrusive audio ad solution can help you, reach out to our expert Sahil Modi on Linkedin or drop him a line at sahil@audiomob.com