AudioMob has proven time and time again that our non-interrupting audio-ads offer more potential for brands than traditional video or banner ads. This doesn’t even count an average click-through rate of over 1000%. 

Simply put, the value available is simply undeniable. 

We’ve already had tremendous success through our radio-style ads including campaigns with legendary Hip Hop artists like Nas, pop-culture icons like Justin Bieber and legendary brands like Jeep. Not only do we make it easier for gamers to enjoy non-interrupting ads and developers to maintain retention rates, AudioMob makes the ability to service ads an uncomplicated experience for advertisers. 

For brands looking to utilise our innovative technology, it all starts with our Ad Platform.

What is the AudioMob Ad Platform 

Formerly known as the Demand Side Platform, AudioMob’s Ad Platform is where advertisers or brands can begin the process of servicing ads to billions of mobile gamers around the world. Once an ad campaign commences, users have the ability to get real-time data on how well it’s performing. 

Advertisers and brands can also gain more information about their ad campaign through Brand Lift Surveys. These short questionnaires allow advertisers to get more understanding of how mobile gamers feel about a particular ad through multiple choice answers like emojis. 

Our Ad Platform grants and brands the unique ability to easily service their ads anywhere. Through our simplistic user interface, potential brands can set up their targeted marketing, upload ad assets from graphic art to audio. After the campaign starts, our Ad Platform uses a machine-learning algorithm that adjusts the campaign to get better results. 

How the AudioMob Ad Platform works 

To begin a campaign, advertisers set their budget before uploading an mp3 file and banner image to AudioMob’s Ad Platform. Then, users have the ability to target their reach by location, age, mobile OS, mobile game genre and more. 

After the assets are compressed in size and formatted into Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID), our Ad Platform bids those ads within the ad exchange that’s sent from a mobile game’s ad network. Once the AudioMob ad matches an impression sent from the ad network, the ad is uploaded to the mobile game for the player to hear. Advertisers can better fine-tune their campaigns through our Brand Lift Surveys. 

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