Audiomob, the world’s leading in-game audio advertising solutions provider, is celebrating its founders, Christian Facey, and Wilfrid Obeng, for securing a coveted spot on Hurun's prestigious ‘UK under 35’ list. Hurun, a leading institution and voice in wealth management, annually showcases exceptional young British entrepreneurs and business owners.

Christian and Wilfrid’s inclusion in this esteemed lineup comes as no surprise to those familiar with their trailblazing work in the tech sector. Both founders were also featured on Hurun’s 2022 ‘UK under 30 list’, once again for their pioneering work steering Audiomob as a disruptive force in the advertising landscape and creating new avenues for brands to engage with audiences through immersive audio experiences.

The recognition from Hurun underscores Christian and Wilfrid’s visionary approach and the significant impact Audiomob has had on the digital advertising ecosystem. By leveraging the power of audio in gaming, Audiomob has revolutionized advertising strategies and opened up new revenue streams for game developers and advertisers.

Joining Audiomob’s founders on the list are Gymshark CEO Ben Francis, Payfit Co-founder & CEO Firmin Zocchetto, and Tom Grogan and Herman Sahota, the founders of the popular food chain Wingstop. In response to his inclusion on the 35 Under 35 list, Christian Facey expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of Audiomob's contributions to the industry. 

"It's a great honor to be recognized among such a talented group of young leaders and innovators. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of the entire Audiomob team, as well as our partners and clients who have supported us along the way."

Hurun's 35 Under 35 list serves as a platform to showcase the next generation of visionaries and innovators shaping the future across various sectors. With Christian and Wilfrid’s presence on the list, Audiomob stands as a prime example of British entrepreneurial excellence and technological innovation on the global stage.