September 07, 2023 – London, UK

Audiomob, a prominent audio advertising partner, has reached an exclusive deal with Radio Marketing Service (RMS), Europe's leading reseller and marketer of German-speaking audio ads. As a major intermediary for advertisers, RMS provides audio solutions using its impressive portfolio of 189 radio stations, 2400 plus digital audio streams, and over 600 podcasts.

Through RMS, Audiomob gains access to new clients, allowing them to connect with previously unreachable audiences in Germany. In turn, RMS has access to Audiomob’s extensive inventory and its patented audio technology.

Audiomob’s DE Business Development Manager Niklas Lürken, shared this on the partnership, "I’m very excited to be partnering with RMS. As our business rapidly expands, RMS is the perfect ally to help catapult us into the next level of in-game audio advertising. The deciding factors for choosing RMS as our exclusive reseller came down to their extensive network and visionary approach to providing audio advertising solutions".

This partnership strategically positions both companies to fully leverage the anticipated annual growth rate of 5.5% in the German mobile gaming market. By 2027 the total German market volume is projected to reach US$4.77 billion.

In an interview with RMS, Niklas went on to address why gaming is such a crucial tool to utilize in digital omnichannel strategies and how it is evolving, “Gaming has long been used as a channel by advertisers. Global brands such as Pepsi and Mastercard, for example, already advertised in the Fifa 98 game with static perimeter advertising, which was still hard-coded at the time. Today the integrations are more diverse and modern, keyword programmatic. We (Audiomob) deliver advertising messages precisely to the appropriate target group and encourage them to take action (click, etc.). In today's competition for attention in the much-cited 'attention economy,' gaming is one of the channels with the most attention from users”.