June 14, 2023 – London, UK:

Audiomob, a leading global AdTech solution provider in mobile gaming, has partnered with Katz Digital Audio, America’s leading solution for streaming audio and podcasting. Katz Digital Audio is part of Katz Media Group, the largest media representation company in the US. The partnership combines Audiomob’s audio-only advertising format for mobile gaming with Katz's massive reach in the US market, further expanding Katz’s gaming vertical. 

Katz Digital Audio is a true audio anywhere platform, providing advertisers access to more than 5,000 audio streams and 250,000 podcasts, reaching 230 million monthly consumers. Brigid Judge, Audiomob’s US Business Lead said: “Teaming up with Katz was a natural and unquestionable decision for us. They are highly regarded as a leading digital audio network in the US, and we are thrilled and proud to join forces with them to revolutionize digital audio advertising in the realm of mobile gaming.”

Katz is the first US media sales company to drive Audiomob's patented audibility technology as the industry standard for delivering in-game audio ads. Audiomob is the only company that provides this patented technology which ensures that the ads are always audible when played. This gives advertisers confidence that their in-game ads will reach and engage with audiences. A recent study saw that 80% of people liked that Audiomob’s ads did not disrupt gameplay. By the end of 2023, Audiomob is projected to scale 3 billion impressions per quarter. 

“With 155 million mobile gamers in the U.S., mobile gaming has massive universal appeal across all demographics. We’re excited to help advertisers ignite growth by tapping into Audiomob’s impressive in-game ad technology to reach consumers everywhere audio exists,” said Scott Porretti, President of Katz Digital Audio.

The integration of audibility technology also has practical applications for Katz’s sizable stake with advertisers at local and national levels. Advertisers will be able to better target key audience demographics, which also strengthens Katz’s political advertising portfolio, especially in the run-up to the 2024 US elections. 

CEO of Katz Media Group, Mark Gray, adds, “Katz serves as a trusted partner to an ever-expanding portfolio of digital audio publishers and advertisers nationwide. We are thrilled to add Audiomob's mobile gaming technology to our premium content and continue to help brands reach and engage with diverse audiences with unmatched scale across any device, geography, or target segment.” 

Christian Facey, Forbes 30 under 30 awardee and CEO of Audiomob, stated “As an award-winning startup that’s expanding into the US market, it’s vital that we only work with the best of the best. That is why partnering with Katz, the largest and most reputable demand partner in the US, is so exciting. Working with Katz, we can help advertisers to scale in a hyper-engaged medium, by providing only the most relevant audio ads. This ultimately helps to build more credibility and trust between brands and users.”

About Audiomob:

Founded by ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ awardees Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, Audiomob is a leading global AdTech solution provider for the mobile gaming market. Backed by some of the largest investors in AdTech, such as Google, LightSpeed Ventures, and Makers Fund, Audiomob has raised over $16 million in funding and is valued at over $110 million.

Audiomob's patented technology allows game developers to seamlessly insert audio adverts into their games. By focusing on audio-only adverts, developers can monetize their games without disrupting the player’s gaming experience. This creates a better ad ecosystem for developers, advertisers, and players. One that gives players more control over when and how they experience in-game ads, encouraging them to Play OnTM uninterrupted for longer.

Audiomob's industry-leading ad solutions earned it the StartUp of the Year award in 2022. In the same year, Audiomob received a nomination for the renowned Drum Awards, in collaboration with Proctor & Gamble. Find out more at: https://audiomob.com/about.


About Katz Media Group:

Katz Media Group is the largest media representation company in America, delivering advertisers’ local impact on a national scale. Katz provides access to over 250 million weekly active consumers across the country through its three companies: Katz Radio Group, Katz Television Group, and Katz Digital Group. Collectively they serve as trusted sales partners to more than 3,300 radio stations, 700 television stations, and an expansive portfolio of video and audio digital partners. 

With audiences in every market, Katz uses its unparalleled national reach, latest technology, data, and strategic insights to create custom campaigns to help advertisers target and connect with local consumers nationwide. Katz is based in New York City, with 13 regional offices. For more information, visit us online at www.katzmedia.com.

About Katz Digital Audio:

Katz Digital Audio is the largest digital audio offering in the U.S. Our all-premium digital audio solutions encompass broadcast streams, pure-play, podcasting, and emerging audio platforms. Katz Digital Audio and its brands, including Audiology, PodKatz, Unidos, and United, is a true audio anywhere solution reaching every device, geography, platform, and demographic. For more information, visit us online at www.katzdigital.com.



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