The culture and guiding values of AudioMob keep our team growing and learning. Setting our team up for success entails putting them in an environment that promotes a self-learning mentality to aid them in self-exploration. An ego-free learning atmosphere promotes development and offers an active mentorship model that guarantees each employee at AudioMob is continually inspired to achieve more and reach their full potential.

As such, we are always pleased to see the efforts and successes of our team! Adrian Ruiz Langan, a former member of AudioMob, is an exceptional representation of how our ego-free culture promotes strong self-development and growth. Adrian, formerly our Head of Developer Relations, set off from AudioMob and founded his own start-up, TruePlayers, a gaming company specializing in delivering console-style gaming experiences on mobile devices.

We recently caught up with Adrian to ask questions, and cover his journey in entrepreneurship and how his time at AudioMob inspired him to found TruePlayers.

AudioMob, entrepreneurship, mobile gaming, gamingCEO of TruePlayers, and our former Head of Developer Relations, Adrian Ruiz Langan

Adrian's Time at AudioMob

Adrian has a background in game development for PC and consoles and a natural affinity for gaming. He joined AudioMob in its early stages when it was only a four-person company. We asked Adrian how his time at AudioMob as Head of Developer Relations eventually led him to the debut of TruePlayers. 

“I was exposed to the mobile games market through AudioMob, which was really interesting. I was playing many games as part of the review process, doing design work for where there were interesting places to put in-game ads and paying a lot of attention to design and mobile. I felt like there were two silos (One silo for PC and console gaming and one for mobile). There was an opportunity to bring the best of both things together, which was the inspiration behind the idea of TruePlayer's first game, and eventually the whole ethos of what we do as a company.”

Adrian presented his idea for TruePlayers and the mobile games he created to our CEO, Christian, who immediately saw Adrian's potential as a founder and supported his path towards launching TruePlayers.

AudioMob, entrepreneurship, mobile gaming, gamingLatest screenshots of TruePlayer's upcoming game, UnderKnight

How AudioMob Prepared Adrian for Entrepreneurship

We asked Adrian what significant lessons he learned at AudioMob to help prepare him for debuting his own start-up. Adrian shared that working with Christian and Wilfrid helped a lot, 

“Working with Christian and seeing a CEO going through challenges, and learning what those challenges are when starting a business - especially during AudioMob’s growth period and while growing a company of few people to many people. Christian was advising me a bit before, but having a founder that's been through a lot, gives you honest opinions and offers you avenues that you would not necessarily have if you were working on your own is super helpful.”

Adrian also noted some of the challenges he faced himself. “It is complicated raising money and making your company appealing or interesting is an important part of the process to understand what investors are looking for. Having Christian and Wilfrid around to help to bounce questions off is always great.”

We then asked what crucial tips or insights he would pass on to others who are interested in the road of entrepreneurship and want to start their own company,

"Be resilient. Know that it's not going to happen immediately, and understand that it’s going to take real hard graft to work and build a start-up. At the same time, another piece of advice is to lean on your network. There are people around you who you’d be surprised can offer a lot of support. If you’ve been working in an industry for some time, many people around you will lift a finger to help you if you're starting a business and need a little bit of advice or support.”

When is the Right Time to Start a Mobile Gaming Start-Up?

Our CEO, Christian, quotes, "How you enter a business is just as important as how you exit one." Deciding to leave a company, especially one with high value, is never simple. It was a tough decision for Adrian to leave AudioMob because it was a vibrant environment with many opportunities. We asked Adrian what was going through his mind when he decided to branch off and how he knew he was ready to take the jump to begin his own start-up. 

“The idea of running my own start-up was a bit daunting because I knew it was going to be quite a lot of work - I definitely underestimated how much work it would be.” Adrian continues, “It was a difficult decision to make, but at the same time, the period I spent at AudioMob really helped me to be ready to do it, and once you’re ready, I feel like you should take the leap.”

The AudioMob crew is incredibly proud of Adrian's accomplishments and is motivated by how much TruePlayers has expanded under his leadership. TruePlayers is now valued at $3.2 million and is expanding daily. They are currently getting ready for events, experimenting with prototyping, and will shortly release their forthcoming game, UnderKnight!

Trailer for TruePlayer's UnderKnight! 

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