While Audiomob is revolutionising the mobile gaming industry, we also place a huge focus on redefining workplace culture through a human-centric approach. Growing our company culture and keeping our team fulfilled has only helped us grow even bigger as a company - with over 30 employees worldwide, and as our team has grown, so have we.

Audiomob now has two main offices, one in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and one in London, UK. With our expansion, we thought it would only be fair to allow our team to expand with us in a mutually beneficial way. So, we offer relocation benefits to work abroad for team members whose roles would benefit Audiomob and themselves the most to help further grow their careers.


Why Relocate?

We want to inspire our people by allowing them to grow through the potential of travel and relocation to develop as people and professionals in their careers. Relocation encourages self-development and gives you the opportunity to learn, meet new people, immerse yourself in another culture or language, and experience a different way of life - especially since we've all been at home for so long! 


Big Changes Start Small

Relocating to a new part of the world is no simple task. Audiomob’s People Team is there every step of the way to make sure the relocation experience is as smooth and simple as possible. 

We tailor each relocation offer to match the needs and situations of our employees. The People Team helps with the visa and medical process, including immediate family members. We provide all housing, transportation and relocation allowance and can even provide support in helping find the right school. 

When relocating to a new region, there is a lot to learn. In order for our staff to feel prepared to live in their new home, Audiomob can offer as much information as possible. We provide guidelines and information on the region, how to set up banking accounts, notable locations, rentals and an upfront housing allowance. We also encourage our team to branch out and connect to their local communities to help inform them on what they should anticipate in their new region; the cultural norms, language hurdles, what useful apps they should have, ex-pat resources, recommend movers, and much more.


Our Staff Engineer, Troy Atkinson’s Move to the UAE!

One of the first from the Audiomob team to relocate and move to Abu Dhabi was our staff engineer Troy Atkinson! We spoke with Troy about his experiences moving from the UK to the UAE, outlining the procedure and how Audiomob helped him; discussing his feelings, and thoughts before making such a major life decision. Troy follows by going into further detail on how he's adapted so far in Abu Dhabi and offers some advice to anyone interested in relocating.

Check out Troy’s video below and learn more about his move to the UAE.

About us: Audiomob was founded on the core principle that there is a better way to monetise games. We allow advertisers to reach their consumers and game developers to monetise their games without interrupting gameplay using audio ads.


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