Take-Two are about as big as it gets in gaming. Not least because the publisher owns the phenomenon that is Grand Theft Auto – an entertainment giant that has shifted an astounding 370 million units. GTA V alone had made $6.4 billion in revenues at the last count. The series truly is a titan that can stand along the likes of Star Wars as a shaper of contemporary culture.

But even for an outfit with such a bankable property in its stable, there is always room for more growth. And it turned out that social, polished mobile games could bring Take-Two the enhanced financial results it was looking for.

Take-Two acquired mobile outfit Socialpoint for at least $250 million in 2017. The Barcelona-based game studio was originally founded in 2008, quickly building a reputation for making high quality, very successful mobile titles that retain for significant periods while delighting a vast audience that spans numerous demographics. And it has clearly met the hopes of its parent company, with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick highlighting that Socialpoint’s games have been key to the publisher’s increasing success.

Today the Socialpoint team remains committed to pushing expectations about the quality mobile games can offer players as they continue to help Take-Two’s pursuit of its ambitious commercial goals.


A Word on Partnerships
As part of that effort, Socialpoint has partnered with AudioMob to use our audio ad format to monetise some of its games, starting with the tremendously entertaining Word Life – a puzzler that preempted global phenomenon Worlde in providing relaxing crossword-like brain teasers that capably fit around the user’s busy life. Word Life is a highly polished, slick creation that delights players while providing just the kind of quality advertisers want as a delivery vehicle for their brands’ reputations. And for Socialpoint, AudioMob appealed because our format brings a quality and elegance of ad delivery to match the quality and elegance of their games.


“As a gaming publisher we are always looking for three things,” offers Martin Schmidt, Senior Product Ad Monetization Manager at Socialpoint. “First, we want to create a smooth experience between gameplay and advertising. Secondly we prefer to show our users brand campaigns rather than ads of other games. The majority of advertising demand in the mobile gaming sector is coming from mobile gaming itself. So you are basically inviting other publishers to take away valuable screen time from your users.

“Last, but not least, revenue is another important factor. Today we are looking for new, innovative ways to generate revenue now some of the older methods have become redundant. Audio ads seem to tick all the boxes, and we are pretty excited to go live with AudioMob in our word puzzle game Word Life.”


Ticking those boxes is what we do. Our audio ad format’s potential to meaningfully connect brands to relevant audiences while significantly boosting revenues for publishers is already proven. And we made sure that the format brings a quality that matches the most polished mobile games there are (including those backed by the most successful companies in gaming).


Quality Breeds Success
In fact, there’s something very similar in the DNA of AudioMob and Socialpoint. We both put player experience first – because we know that as well as better serving players, it’s an approach that delivers improved monetisation, engagement and reach. At AudioMob we know players stick around for quality experiences  – and we also know that quality experiences elevate the potential for brands to engage users.

It’s a win-win strategy. We place ads non-intrusively and elegantly. That works for every type of game – including highly polished titles that don’t want to house low-quality ads. And for brands? A sophisticated delivery in a quality game via a method that respects and connects with the audience is about as perfect as it gets.


Ultimately, in-game audio is a solution with the consumer at its heart, demonstrating value for publisher, gamer and advertiser. Its ability to engage users that are inspired to click through or meaningfully and positively recall brands is significant and then some. Brands can lean on the AudioMob team to help them navigate this intimate and high impact space, with the trusted format of audio. And we have put resources and talent in place to help developers and publishers.

Sounds good? We agree! Do get in touch if you want to learn more.